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ABeam Studio, LLC is a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, certified by the New York State Department of Economic Development, Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development (DMWBD). ABeam is listed among all New York State Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) in the State’s Directory of Certified Businesses.

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Development of construction documents set of drawings from 60% to 100% submission. All details were approved and revised by architect and designer.

Architect provided red mark drawings and notes with directions for drafting work.


Design development in Moscow of four residential towers and one hotel above plaza. Production of AutoCAD drawings and PDF for presentation boards; the drawings were produced under the supervision of architects and designers.


Development of construction drawings for elementary school annex building in Queens, N.Y. Production from 60% design development drawings to bid turnover. Architectural construction documents and administration. Architectural drawings including floor plans elevations, details and sections produced as AutoCAD drawings. PDF generated for client’s revision, bid and DOB filing submission.

Mixed use

Mixed use residential and hospitality tower design development drawings in Quatar. Drawings developed in AutoCAD. All drawings generated under direct supervision and red marks provided by architect and designers. Presentation PDF and square footage calculations provided for Client’s use.


Development Space planning layout in AutoCAD drawings. Design developed in metric system. Square footage calculations floor by floor provided to client and cost estimate for bottom line calculations. Development of all interior spaces of building including structural elements location. Garage access and parking spaces development in coordination with lot landscape proposal. Architect and designer directions were followed at all times during design development.

Structural Repair

Structural plans and details generated in AutoCAD for structural repair on a 1951 library under red marks and guidance from structural engineer. Plans and details generated in AutoCAD under guidance and red marks from structural engineer. Plotting PDF files provided to client. Development of personalized CTB files and layers system for individual client needs. Revision of drawings for all phases of submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford these services?
We can tailor a team within your company and project budget.
My project is a priority?
Your project will be handled by drafters with skills that match your project specific requirements.
How you guarantee the time charged is really used in work time?
We have a very accurate system to track the hours each drafter spends on a project. Due to experience we know how long takes to complete each assignment we receive. We cross reference this estimative with the timesheet our drafters submit. If our clients have any doubt, question or disagreement with the time spent on the project we will double check the hours and have a meeting with the client to discuss and explain the documentation.
How long takes to complete my project?
We can give a time estimate after receiving your project remarks and instructions based on our extensive experience. The time estimate may vary depending on the information and complexity of drawings.
Can you provide experienced drafters?
We have a large team of professionals on standby for all services with the flexibility to increase numbers through subcontract and casual staff during high demand periods.
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